Remember those leggings I wouldn’t shut up about? They’re back, with sports bras! / Girlfriend Collective review

Girlfriend Collective

If you haven’t heard of Girlfriend Collective, they were the brand blowing up the internet last year with their scammy-sounding “free leggings” (you just had to pay $20 for shipping from Vietnam and wait like 4 months lol). HOWEVER, they are not a scam, and actually make high-quality athletic wear from recycled water bottles in responsible factories. They’re launching their full line this summer with their internet-famous leggings and new sports bras in drool-worthy colors.

I won a sports bra and leggings set from Girlfriend Collective during their Instagram giveaway last month. This is also great news for you, my readers, because I’m reviewing them right here on this blog so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to spend your hard-earned $$ on their newly launched (unfortunately not free) collection.

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Summertime sustainability: Conscious (and cute) swimwear brands


Ah, summer. I’ve been looking forward to this season all the more so because last winter was long, and Seattle summers are an absolute treat. If you’re looking forward to welcoming summer with some splashin’ in a body of water, you may be wondering where you can purchase a cute swimsuit that hasn’t contributed to climate change or pollution or landfill waste or the exploitation of workers. I mean, is that too much to ask for???

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An annotated guide to following your dreams


I’m about to get real with you in this post and share my personal post-grad existential crisis—because if you’re going through your own, I want you to know you’re not alone! Here’s my guide to following your dreams, annotated with examples from my own journey of how I ended up in the world of marketing and communications with a degree in physics.

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Getting my first tattoo (stick and poke/hand poke)

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I got my first tattoo a couple weeks ago. It was a hand poke, which means the tattoo artist uses a needle to manually poke you and embed the ink into your skin rather than a machine. Stick and pokes have a stereotype of being a DIY thing that adolescents do at home with sewing needles, but a lot of professional tattoo artists have made hand poke tattoos their craft.

Since hand pokes are a little more controversial than their machine counterparts and there’s less info out there about them, I wanted to share my experience!

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Stay close despite the distance: Long-distance friendships 101

What I miss more than anything about college is the proximity to all of my friends. Now that I’ve graduated and moved two states away, it’s more important than ever for me to maintain and strengthen the relationships that have nurtured me and helped me grow. It’s not easy to stay close to people when you’re physically far apart, but here are some of my tips for staying tight with your far-away buds.

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Stylish with less: 3 ways to style a gingham button-down

stylish for less button-down (1)

As you all know, I’ve been trying to make more conscious fashion choices (and if you didn’t know because you’re a new reader, then welcome!). This includes buying less new clothing to minimize my impact on the environment. As a result, creating fresh looks with the same old pieces in my wardrobe requires some creativity.

One clothing item that adds versatility and timelessness to your wardrobe is a button-down shirt. In this post, I’ll show you three summer-ready ways you can style one button-down to get more mileage out of this closet staple.

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